7. Make sure you understand the markets

7. Make sure you understand the markets

secondary market, you can buy cards on Sorare directly from other users who become sellers.

How to sell cards on Sorare? What you need to do is choose the card you want to sell, enter the base sales price and wait the next 48 hours after the card is on the market. And then? (continue in the dedicated guide). How to trade cards in Sorare? Another possibility we have to buy or sell a Card is to use an exchange directly. As often happens in the real transfer market, it is also possible to exchange cards within Sorare. Obviously there are several options for exchanging a card.

How to earn money by buying and selling cards on Sorare

Trying to earn from buying and selling cards on the official Sorare portal remains the most immediate way. Knowledge of the transfer market can really help a lot, paying particular attention to all the day’s negotiations. A strategy could in fact be to exploit those moments in which a footballer is about to move from a medium-low level team to a renowned team. Purchasing this player’s card could subsequently guarantee us a strong profit.

Just as this objective can be achieved through the purchase of an injured player, who the owners will tend to sell off (provided that the injury is not such as to put his career at risk). Another method to earn by buying and selling cards on Sorare is to become a real talent scout. Buying a card of an 18-year-old boy with excellent potential, reselling him a few years later following great performances, could give us considerable profits.

Given some ideas in this regard, an important clarification must be made. In fact, regardless of which path you want to take, you must always take into account the risks linked both directly to the game and to the world of Cryptocurrencies. Especially on this last aspect, transactions on Sorare are in ETH and therefore their volatility can be a factor. When Ethereum devalues ​​on the market, you could buy cards and then sell them when ETH has recovered. Even if this ascent does not necessarily happen quickly, therefore we must be very careful.

Gambling can be rough terrain, especially if undertaken in an attempt to obtain profits, but if taken and studied in the right way it can become a valid ally in achieving the desired goals.

But how can you make the most of this world and try to optimize the way you bet? What is the best way to find bookmakers’ weaknesses and use them to our advantage?

It’s about finding the best quality/price ratio obviously related to the proposed odds. Whether it’s the right odds, the right markets or even the best time to bet, follow these tips and see if you can get the most out of your gaming experience.

1. Know the sport thoroughly

It’s not just about which football team won the last six games, but also how well they played offensively and defensively. Were they capable of maintaining control of the game or was it mere luck? Which tennis player is going through a troubled personal moment? Which Formula 1 driver performs best on fast tracks, but less so on those with more corners?

These are the details that will allow you to bet appropriately and will best prepare you to identify the most valuable markets.

2. The favorite doesn’t always win

It seems obvious to say, but it is difficult for any bettor to ignore the odds set by bookmakers. A good example? When Matteo Berettini challenged Taro Daniel at the Masters 1000 in Miami 2023, bookmakers had Berettini as favourite, with odds ranging between 1.10 and 1.20.

At first glance this would be a match without history, with Berrettini doing his best on the fast side thanks to a lightning-fast serve and a very powerful forehand, moreover against a player who is certainly not as famous as the Japanese.

What the bookmakers had overlooked was that Berrettini was coming from a period of form that was certainly not exceptional and from rumors of a love life that perhaps had destabilized him a little. Daniel took advantage of all these circumstances and ended up winning in three sets, rewarding all the bettors who had carefully analyzed the information before the match with a nice nest egg.

3. Don’t limit yourself to just one bookmaker: shop around

In the betting industry, great emphasis is placed on loyalty to a bookmaker. Because it is such a competitive industry, companies will try to entice you to bet with them and only them.

Whether it’s loyalty programs or special in-store offers, the intention is always the same: don’t make you think that you should shop around for new sites to bet on. Just take a look at our recommended bookmakers to realize these options you have at your disposal.

Check the offers available on certain bets or markets, evaluate the various bonuses and promotions and obviously the odds to understand whether it is worth opening a new account with another bookmaker.

4. Fewer events, more chances to win

This tip, although trivial, is often forgotten by bettors. The fewer selections included in your bet, the greater your chances of winning.

If you are betting to make money, think small, not big. If the bet is of a significant amount, it may be enough to choose just one event to add to the bet slip. If you really want to exaggerate, don’t go beyond three or four. You realize on your own that hitting a 20-event multiple is just a matter of luck, almost like winning a 6 in the Superenalotto.

It is no coincidence that bookmakers lose most of their money on single bets. If you really don’t like playing a single, then a nice triple is what might be right for you, because it allows you to play at a good overall odds and with a decent chance of winning.

5. Avoid the temptation of "sheets"

If you desperately want to place a risky bet, at least avoid creating a "sheet", i.e. an multiple with a myriad of events. In this way you are in fact decreasing the possibility of winning.

This temptation is stronger than ever in tennis. Imagine we are in the first round of a Grand Slam tournament, with all the top players all drawn against semi-unknown opponents. It might seem like a great idea to group them all together in a multiple to try to win some money easily. But this would be a mistake.

Tennis is in fact known for offering very low odds on matches between players of very different levels and therefore you might be tempted to want to include the elite of world tennis in a multiple with ten events and manage to reach an overall odds of just over 4 ,00.

Is it really worth just tripling the stake, perhaps by 10 euros, where a single event priced at just 1.15 could make you lose the entire stake? It would make more sense, instead, to look for some underdog who is in great shape and who has some chance of making a splash, giving you a nice win.

6. Consider less traveled markets

After doing your research, you should know that it is possible to find much more interesting and valuable odds in some of the niche markets offered by bookmakers. Sites often offer a ton of markets just to increase their revenue, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t opportunities that can be exploited instead.

For example, you may not feel safe betting on Fiorentina beating Juventus, because the Bianconeri are stronger, have a better team and are also ahead in the standings. But if Jovic is in great form, it could be worth betting on his goal, which among other things would in all likelihood give a greater win than Fiorentina’s eventual success.

7. Make sure you understand the markets

Staying on the subject of less popular markets, if you choose one, be sure to check the conditions, perhaps by contacting customer service directly. A common mistake involves betting on halftime/halftime and whether both halves will win. If you place a PT/F bet, the team you bet on simply has to win at halftime and then the match.

If, however, you bet on the victory of both halves, you are predicting that he will score more goals than his opponents in both the first and second half, which is very different from the previous bet.

8. Don’t bet with your heart

One of every fan’s dreams is for their favorite team to win. You may want it so badly that you may eventually convince yourself that it will actually happen and then place a bet on your team.

Bookmakers love this way of betting because every week they reap the rewards provided by the recklessness of their customers who follow their hearts rather than their intellect, hoping that perhaps their bottom team in the standings can beat the league leaders.

Likewise, avoid important matches such as derbies. In these matches the imponderability is amplified because there is so much at stake and the emotional aspect plays a fundamental role, also capable of distorting the values ​​on the pitch.

If you really want to bet on these events, consider alternative markets. Maybe your favorite team won’t win, but they will at least be able to score a goal.

9. Choose the right time

It is difficult to identify the right time to place a bet because the odds vary over time and are not fixed. Our advice is to place your bet on the day of the match, because most bookmakers will increase the odds or offer special offers before a popular event (such as increased odds). Some sites will do this for the entire day of the event, while others will increase the odds for a set period of time randomly, meaning that unless you spend the whole day checking the odds, you won’t be able to to take advantage of it.

If it’s a particularly popular event, bookmakers will almost certainly promote it with offers designed to convince you to invest your budget.

Bookmakers are always looking for new ways to increase their earnings, including expanding the schedule by adding new sports and markets. In this way they could also list disciplines they know little about.

A good example is MMA. The sport of mixed martial arts is on the rise and is therefore increasingly listed on betting sites. It has happened in the past that bookmakers got the odds completely wrong, as when challenger Holly Holm beat world bantamweight champion Ronda Rousey in just two rounds. An incredible result if you consider that Holm was rated at 10 before the match.


In conclusion it is good to clarify that there is no magic formula to beat bookmakers, otherwise all bookies would fail miserably. All bettors have good and bad streaks, but by following these 10 tips you will probably be able to increase your chances of success a little, scraping together a decent nest egg. The last suggestion we would like to give you is to never try to make up for losses immediately, perhaps by betting everything on a single bet. You will only make the situation worse.

One of the most profitable ways to try to win with betting is to find the so-called value bets, which in Italian we would call value bets. This is the practice of finding a bet at odds that give you an "advantage" over the bookmaker. If the odds of an event occurring are much higher than those indicated by the bookie’s odds, you have a "value" bet.

For example, the bookmaker offered odds of 2.50 for Juventus to win over Milan. The implied probability of this event occurring is 100/2.50 – 40. In other words, the bookmaker states that Juve has a 40% chance of winning the match. If Juve’s chances of winning are 45%, you have an "advantage" because the "real" odds should be 100/45 = 2.22.

If you bet at odds of 2.50 when the real odds should be 2.22, you will make a long-term profit. Don’t think it’s simple though, because it’s much easier said than done. Bookmakers use advanced software to compile their odds. However, bettors can also try to outsmart a bookmaker.

What is expected value?

To find value bets, you need to understand Expected Value (EV). The expected value of a bet indicates the amount you “expect” to win on average for each bet. This refers to how much you would win or lose if you placed the same bet multiple times.

The classic example of all time is calculating the probabilities of flipping a coin. Assuming the coin is not “rigged” in any way, there is an exactly equal probability (decimal odds of 2.00) of correctly choosing “heads” or “tails”. If you get odds of 2.05 on heads or tails, it is a value bet, because the odds you receive represent a higher probability of winning than the actual probability.

There is a fairly simple formula to use:

(Probability of winning) * (Bet amount) – (Probability of loss) * (Amount lost per bet)

Let’s see it in practice.

– 10 euros on the victory of Spartak Moscow at odds of 2.15 provides a potential profit of 11.50 euros.

– 10 euros on breakeven at odds of 3.50 offer a potential profit of 25 euros.

– 10 euros on Braga’s victory at odds of 3.20 offers a potential profit of 22 euros.

For the calculation we will use the bet on Spartak Moscow. The probability of a home win according to the odds offered is 100/2.15 = 46.51%, or 0.4651.

The probability that this does not happen is the sum of the draw and the victory for Braga, i.e. (0.2857 + 0.3125 = 0.5982). Using the Expected Value formula:

(0.4651 * 11.50) – (0.5982 * 10)

5.3487 – 5.9820 = -0.6333

Betting on Spartak Moscow to win will make you lose just over 0.63 euros for every 10 euros bet.

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